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February 11th, 2010

(no subject) @ 04:13 pm

Kaley wanted me to post this, so...um. from me and Tina's Kradamaty verse. Backstory: Kris gets dropped by his label and tries to make it but is losing money quick, and also is in love with Adam. He ends up leaving Katy and going to Portland. She moves in with Adam, has a miscarriage with a baby Kris and Adam didn't know existed. Adam calls Kris and he comes back, but tries to leave. Adam corners him, they fight, and end up kissing. Kris leaves. He's gone about two years. Katy and Adam are like...they aren't dating, but they end up needing each other. Adam has a really bad car accident and almost dies, Kris comes back and helps Katy take care of him. He's okay but fucks his leg up. They take him back to AR while he heals, they move to LA and are all an ~item. Um. Ask if there's anything else unclear?

Kris never lived in Portland; he knew he’s be back at some point- LA, Arkansas, it didn’t matter. An ingrained, lifelong vision of growing old together (no significant other specified) doesn’t go away because of two haphazard aimless years in Oregon. He didn’t have expectations about Katy or Adam or anything in between, but he know Portland was never more than a substitute home, that it felt like LA did those first and last few months.
He’s stumbled through his time there on a day-to-day basis, focusing on making rent, planning his show down at Joe’s on Sunday, and keeping his phone securely in his pocket. If he thinks beyond that, to Tuesday or using the phone, speed dials staring back at him, he won’t pull this off.
He doesn’t know what ‘this’ is, but he knows he has to pull it to get home. Some city, some day.
The thing is, though, that Kris has every intention of that happening. But not today.
It’s freaking Saturday, man, and it may only be eight at night, but Kris has every intention of getting drunk within the next hour, waking up at 7 with a vicious hangover for more meetings that won’t go anywhere, a week of rehearsals, a set, lather rinse repeat. He’s not going home anytime soon, not even gonna talk to Katy or Adam without throwing up.
Except maybe he thought to soon, because before he can get a second swig of beer in, there’s the news, scrolling across the screen, frantic anchors and patrons mumbling about Adam and if he’s alive and Cedars Sinai, like a siren song. He drank what felt like five beers but was really one in what felt like five minutes but was really an hour.
Around the time he decides that, yes, today, Heartbreak Warfare is playing out of his pocket and he’s not drunk enough to appreciate the irony when Katy’s name flashes on the screen.
Kris has no clue what to do, so he answers, he sobers up quicker than he ever has, and he hops a plane.
Later, in the ICU waiting room, holding Katy while Adam is in surgery, he’ll wonder why he thought that hour was a good idea, why he was such a fucking pussy while all the people who hadn’t walked out had shown up right away. He’ll know months later, when Adam breaks and calls him an asshole and cries in their Arkansas apartment.
In Arkansas, he’ll play his guitar so Adam can use his voice, and wonder how anything else ever felt as whole against his body, and know when he’s sleeping between Adam and Katy that night.
When Ralph calls from Portland from what Kris knows is Joe’s, “just to check up, man,” after Katy spends an hour pushing for details about his therapy session, he wonders why that day and why he’s not playing his set at Joe’s that week. On a plane to LAX the week later, with Adam asleep on his shoulder, he knows he’s going home. 
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Date:February 11th, 2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
Five Times Adam and Katy Kissed

1. In the hospital, the second Katy woke up from her D&C. Adam had been asleep in the chair, but not asleep enough that he didn’t hear her gown crinkle and sit up immediately. Katy looked over at him, a little dazed- she’d lost a lot of blood and was on pain medication, and Adam’s heart had immediately begun pounding at the thought of having to tell her what happened. She’d opened her mouth to say something Adam didn’t want to hear, so he’d kissed her, firmly pressing his lips against her own, nodding just enough that she had an answer.

2. At the Grammy’s the first year Kris was gone. He was still up for a few awards, and Adam was up for a few more. He’d brought Katy as his date and done his best to keep her away from the paparazzi, smoothly answering all the questions directed at them. Where’s Kris? Who’s accepting for him if he wins? Katy had gripped his hand tightly at every one, until he’d caught a so are you two dating? from the back of the crowd and he’d spun her around, dipping her leaning down to kiss her, “missing” at the last moment and kissing her cheek. He hadn’t answered anymore questions that night.

3. About fifteen minutes before his accident. He’d left the house, just “for a few,” to tie up some loose ends down at the office and pick sushi up for dinner. He had started to walk out the door, but Katy grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him back into the house and puckering her lips at him. He’d rolled his eyes, but obliged, kissing her for a second longer than he’d needed to before leaving again, climbing into his Mustang.

4. As a distraction, in Arkansas . Adam has woken up and his leg was searing, like on fire, and felt vaguely like it was going to fall off. He’d forgotten to wake up and take his meds, and within a half of a minute, Katy and Kris had shown up, giving him his pills and trying to calm him down. Kris has massaged his leg while Adam writhed, gripping the sheets and choking out a few sobs. Katy sat next to him, grabbing his face and stroking his hair, mumbling that it was okay until he’s screamed, just a little, like he hadn’t since the first night in the ICU, and she’d kissed him, long and sloppy and just enough that he could deal until his medicine kicked in.

5. In the same hospital she’d lost the baby at, that he’d been in after the accident, after Mollie was born. He’d kissed Kris first, over the bed, but automatically leaned down to Katy and the baby’s level, crying maybe just a little, and pressed his lips against her matted blonde hair, like a seal on their family.
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Date:February 11th, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
Five Times Kris and Adam Kissed

1. Once, on the Idol tour. It was late, they were on their 44th city and maybe a little delirious. It hadn’t been angsty or clandestine or anything but Anoop daring them, offering them his last Mountain Dew if they did it. So they had, for a few seconds, with Matt and Anoop wooping behind them. They’d pulled away and bumped fists, like it was nothing.

2. Against the wall by the hospital dumpster. Adam had been angry in a way Adam doesn’t get angry, had pushed Kris up against the wall, just hard enough that he couldn’t get out. We need you he’d growled, for probably the seventeenth time that night, staring at Kris, trying to get a response out of him. Kris had looked up, into Adam’s eyes like he hadn’t for months before he left. I know he’d whispered, leaning up and kissing Adam before using all his strength to push himself away from the wall.

3. When Adam woke up from the second surgery. He’d sent Katy to eat with a promise to be there when Adam woke up. And he had been, on the edge of the bed and nervous out of his mind that Adam wouldn’t want him there. It had turned out that Adam didn’t care, had answered do you need anything? with a glad of water and and Kris? Could you kiss me?

4. In Arkansas , the second Adam got the go ahead to have sex again. He’d offered to share, but Katy had been insistent, so Adam pulled Kris on top of him, his hands slipping in to Kris’s jean pockets. He’d looked over at Katy, who nodded encouragingly, almost enthralled watching Kris kiss down Adam’s collar bone. You like that? Adam had asked, voice low in a way it hadn’t been for months, not waiting for an answer before he grabbed Kris’s chin, lifting it and kissing him, deep and slow, wanting it to be as good for Katy as it was for them.

5. On the cover of People. He hadn’t known it’d make People, but he had known there were cameras. That was the point, he’d told Kris when he voiced the same concern. They’d been walking through downtown LA, on the way to meet Katy for lunch, when Adam decided fuck it and stopped Kris with a tug of the hand, and kissed him, twisting his fingers in Kris’s hair hard enough that his fingernails showed up in the paparazzi shots.

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Date:February 11th, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
Five Times Kris and Katy Kissed

1. In Kim’s car, after the homecoming dance. Kris had taken Katy home, thanked her for a good time, and parked the car. She’d thanked him and opened the door, almost climbing out of the car before changing her mind, leaning back inside and tilting her head just awkwardly enough to plant one on Kris, her nose smashing against his anyway. She’d done it a second time because he was just so cute when he turned red and stuttered, before climbing out of the car.

2. When the priest told them to, on their wedding day. Kris had considered it probably the hardest thing he’d ever had to do, not kissing her until that moment, but it was worth it, he decided later. They’d kissed before, like that, like more than that, but not with such finality, like a husband. Like forever.

3. Right before Kris walked out the door. She’d been crying and even in the middle of walking out, Kris was too nice of a guy, he loved Katy too much to see that. So he’d set down his bags, except for the guitar hanging over his shoulder, and taken her face in his hands, silently running his thumb over her cheek. He’d waited a moment, just taking her face in, but not long enough that she thought it meant he was staying and whispered this isn’t about you Kate before kissing her for what he hoped was long enough to last.

4. In the bathroom, while Adam filmed 20/20. He’d chased Katy when she ran off crying, into the woman’s bathroom and let her collapse against him, sobbing into his shirt. Kris rubbed her back while she mumbled about how Adam had almost died and what would they have done, Kristopher. He’d lifted her chin, kissing her like he knew the answer.

5. On their 5th anniversary. They hadn’t wanted to do something exclusively, but Adam had insisted, making their reservations and arranging the limo himself, so Kris and Katy obliged. They’d eaten at a nice restaurant with food they couldn’t pronounce and gone dancing, maybe a little tipsy. When they’d gotten back to the house, they fell against the door like lovesick teenagers, making out, hands mapping each other’s bodies until Adam opened the door, ushering them in out of the cold.