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October 6th, 2010

(no subject) @ 06:48 pm

Title: Talking to the Moon
Rating: ...R?
Pairing: Adam/Taylor, kind of Brad/Adam, I suppose very vaguely Adam/Taylor
Summary: Adam calls to wish Brad a happy birthday from Japan. He has another conversation in mind.
Disclaimer: Fictional. Taylor, in words you can understand: Turn Around. You Do Not Want This. Brad, I have no delusions of stopping you. Title from Bruno Mars' Talking to the Moon.

“I can’t believe you called me all the way from Japan!” Brad says again, incredulous and a little drunk already, Taylor can hear through the speaker.

Adam laughs, obviously incredulous himself, that he’s in Japan, that he had waited up to make the call at an appropriate time, hours past when he should be asleep. Taylor leans back against his exposed chest, sleepy, and Adam snakes an arm around him. He can’t hear Brad, but can hear Adam answering questions about his day, describing his life as if it’s mundane, asking Brad what he has planned for his birthday, can hear the ease in their conversation. He doses slightly against Adam’s chest, registering words, but letting weariness win for a minute.

He must ask about Taylor, because Adam says, “he’s fine,” laughing lightly and kissing Taylor’s ear on cue, enough to make a small smack that Brad probably hears.  He assumes Brad has made a sarcastic remark, called him Pipsqueak again, and doesn’t bother opening his eyes.

 Adam nudges him, waking him completely. He apologizes with his eyes a little, so Taylor knows this wasn’t his choice or idea.  “Baby,” he murmurs with the phone a safe distance from his mouth. “Hey, will you say hi to Brad?”

“Sure,” Taylor sits up, suddenly completely awake and curious, and takes the phone. “Happy birthday, man.”

“Thanks,” Brad says. “For…for the birthday wish, but just. Thanks. For the beach thing.” Belated, sure, and something Taylor has heard a thousand times from a thousand people. He bites back his always-immediate question of why he needs to be thanked, he’s not Adam’s keeper and of course he pulled him off and tells Brad it’s no problem, but barely before Brad starts again. “He trusts you, okay? I know he does. I know he’s tough Mr. Rockstar Boss Man, but he…you can’t hu- just take care of him, okay?”

Adam can’t make Brad’s words out anymore, Taylor knows, because he’d have reacted to that. “Yeah,” he says, a little breathy, not quite confused, but tired and at a loss for what to say. “Of course.”

“No,” Brad says, the care and caution in his voice gone. He’s Cheeks now, Taylor vaguely registers, hints of his drawl gone and a tinge of mysticism, a hop in his voice. “He trusts you. I don’t. I want to know you can take care of him.”

“Uh. How?”

He can hear Brad smirk. “Take care of him, baby. Just set the phone down and let me listen.”

Taylor hesitates for about 10 seconds- enough to decide Brad is well intentioned, Adam will understand, and that he really like Adam’s dick- before setting the phone down, flipping quickly so he’s on his knees, facing Adam. He’s silent, reaching to unzip Adam’s pants and kiss him in one swift motion. Of course, Adam stops him, pulls away. “Tay. Please, but..” he reaches for the phone, going to shut it off, as if Taylor had merely forgotten. He reaches out, grabs Adam’s wrist and shakes his head.

“Leave it. I have a point to prove,” he says, voice a little fierce, and Brad notes that the kid can take a challenge. Adam understands; he drops the phone, mentally noting to ask for details later, but understanding all he needs to now. He puts his hands on top of Taylor’s- they’re larger, more sure, as Taylor slowly tries to remove Adam’s boxers, his own hands glide them down and off swiftly.

Taylor pushes his hands away after, wants to do this himself, Adam can see. He obliges, hands at his sides, already fisting the cotton sheets while Taylor spreads his thighs slowly, presses small kisses along the freckles.

Adam’s breath shudders a few times, and Brad’s voice crackles out from the speaker “suck him off, excellent choice.” Taylor wonders how Brad can tell what he’s doing from the small sound, but then he doesn’t.

He’s quiet for a moment after that, as Taylor continues, doing his best to remember exactly how Adam likes it, eager to please him and Brad both. He keeps his hands on Adam’s thighs, firmly, digging his nails in just lightly enough that he won’t mark. He licks up, relaxing his throat while Adam shivers under him, whimpering, more softly than normal. Taylor can’t decide if it’s because his voice is strained or because he knows Brad can hear, can identify the sounds he’s making. And, speak of the devil, Brad pipes up again, “Take him slow. He’s big.”

He almost goes for it all at once, just to spite Brad, show him Adam likes what he can do too, he can handle him- but he’s right, Adam is big, but Taylor takes as much as he can, little by little. The fists Adam had curled into the sheets move, up Taylor’s shoulders, into his hair, pulling lightly. “Yesbabyplease,” he murmurs all at once, voice still low.

Taylor speeds up, working his head up and down, his tongue side to side. Brad interjects periodically, sometimes saying something useful (“Use your tongue on the tip,” which garners a high-pitched moan from Adam) and sometimes just to praise. 

All in all, Taylor is pleased with himself when Adam comes, harder and faster than he’d let on with his atypically small moans and movements, and he swallows with equal fervor. He kisses Adam on his way up, both of them sleepier than before, smiling slightly. “Well?” he says into the receiver, confident but not quite cocky.

He hears a click, and so does Adam, because he rolls his eyes, pulls Taylor back on top of him. He falls asleep almost right away, and Taylor is glad, guilty for keeping him up even longer. He kisses Adam’s face, but doesn’t move. The iPhone goes off, and Taylor picks it up, out of habit, He reads the screen, can’t help it when he sees that it’s a text from Brad: Keep him.


He smiles contentedly and tucks himself under Adam’s arm.

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Date:October 6th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
Awesome!! I love this.
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Date:October 7th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
Your icon brings me ~joy.
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Date:October 6th, 2010 11:59 pm (UTC)
you are the best EVER. best.
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Date:October 7th, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)
ooohh I loved it :)
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Date:October 7th, 2010 02:18 am (UTC)
hearts. in. my. eyes.
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Date:October 7th, 2010 03:14 am (UTC)
Aw, this was cute and hot all at once...how did you do that?! Haha, no really, it was great. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work :)
Date:December 20th, 2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
:) love this!
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