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November 2nd, 2010

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 Title: Five Families Johanna Mason Had
Pairing: Finnick Odair/Annie Cresta, Johanna Mason/OMC, Johanna/Annie/Finnick if you want?
Disclaimer: Not my characters! From the Hunger Games Trilogy.
Notes: lol idk Tina made me do it. Spoilers for the last two books. Also, this is an AU where lizards isn't real, if you ~get my drift.

5. She had a mother and a father, in the loose sense of the word. She’s never quite pinned their relationship down, but she knows she seen more vases fly across a room than she has kisses, and extra blankets on the couch more mornings than not. She knows it wasn’t always like this; she remembers being young, and an older brother who gave her piggy back rides and held her hand, family dinners and smiles. She remembers being happy.


But they’re not smiling, when she’s reaped. They haven’t been for a long time. Her mother hardly flinches when she’s called. As far as the Masons are concerned, both their children died when their son did. At the train station, her father tells her she won’t come back.


Well, she showed them.


4. Johanna does her own thing during the games, mostly- she needs to be able to go off by herself sometimes, drop the act and get food or shelter. But the boy from district 7 and a couple of the other girls formed an alliance with her at the beginning; they protected each other. Half way through, they knew she wasn’t as weak as she seemed, when someone came after Matilda, the small girl from District 8 and got an axe through their head, and two kids from the career pack got taken out when they tried to get Johanna while she slept.


They’d all died, of course. She’d even had to kill Maddox, at the end when It was down to four tributes.


Some ally.


3. The victors watch the games together every year, drinking and rooting for their tributes to live and 23 other kids to die. Haymitch gets her drunk her first year, and she sees no reason to break tradition. She spends most of the games with him and Finnick, sometimes with others from District 7. The Viewings make her uncomfortable at first, the rallying and understanding spirit or whatever that insufferable bitch from District 1 calls it. It makes her skin crawl, the first year.


She’s not sure when, but one day, Johanna decides the most enjoyable thing in her year is sitting in a room full of murderers.


2. There is no one on Earth that Johanna cares about, by the time she’s reaped again. She’d said something, she can’t even remember what, and they’d killed her family. She thinks. There  was something about a fire. She can’t really muster the will to find out.


It’s Braze, who they get her with. Braze who she hasn’t spoken to since the morning of the reaping. He knocks on her door, but she won’t answer. She leaves things on his doorstep, things she knows he could never pay for himself, and she has nothing else to do with the money. She just can’t handle seeing his face, undoubtedly as fresh as when they were kids running around the forest together, or his lopsided hair, or his hands, or his lips. She doesn’t have to, though, because they kill him too.


She almost wishes she’d talked to him, but she couldn’t afford to. They didn’t get her, if she didn’t care anymore.


1.      1. Johanna stays in District 4 for 3 weeks, even though she was just planning a day trip. Finnick and Annie offer, so why not, she tells herself. She watches Annie cook dinner while a toddler tugs at her skirt, her stomach rounded with another. Annie hums, and her hair glistens in the last of the day’s sun, billowing around her face just the way Finnick used to describe it, when she never quite believed him. He walks in and kisses the back of Annie’s neck, and Johanna remembers how she used to pity him for being so in love, so vulnerable. She’d been the smart one, relinquished all ties to anything outside of herself, taken the Capitol’s hold; she was the real rebel.


Johanna hasn’t loved anyone in years, the twelve since her Games, maybe more. But she looks into the kitchen, sees the  way Annie giggles at Finnick’s ego and the way his arms wrap around her and thinks I love them.


For the first time, she doesn’t flinch.

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